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We are a BaaS company, and our mission is to make Blockchain technologies more accessible, readily available, and ensure a seamless transition for consumers and businesses. Blockchain is redefining the way we work, the way we communicate, and the way we live. This open source platform provides the reachability of the Internet and the security of Cryptography to identify, establish, and connect globally. Securing today, to be faster. smarter, safer tomorrow. 

At Paeonian, our vision is to see people, businesses, and communities thriving together. To help make that happen, we offer Pro Bono Services to Non-Profit Institutions, Schools, Welfare Groups, and organizations focused on supporting those in need: Homeless, Hunger, Health, Unemployment, Immigration, Education. We believe everyone, no matter their circumstances, should the opportunity to become today's brightest and tomorrow's best. Think more. Do more. Change more.

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We believe Blockchain & Cryptocurrency will have a significant and valuable impact, globally. We offer digital asset storage and develop data-driven applications,  and full-scale Blockchain services. 

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